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About Cardello Lighting

About Cardello Lighting

Cardello's showrooms showcase the best lighting product options. Shopping at Cardello Lighting allows you to work with lighting experts to guide you through the entire process of lighting your home, whether it's lightbulb replacements or a whole-house design.

As our customer, you will receive:

  • Personal Consultations - our Lighting Design Associates will:
    • Work with you to find your style and choose the right lighting,
    • Show you how to consider the scale and proportions of the fixtures to fit your room,
    • Provide continued lighting support and service throughout the entire process of lighting your home.
  • We will work with your electrician for smooth product installation and placement.
  • The opportunity to see different lighting options and styles, demo dimming levels, and compare lightbulb types to see the value and quality of light that LED can give in today's products.

Cardello Lighting showrooms give the customer the chance to see everything that lighting can do to create or enhance a mood, experience, task, and vision of a space. We are trying to show our customers more than a light source - we're trying to show the effect lighting can have in a given space; to create a mood or feel beyond basic lighting.

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